Welcome to Autumn Retrospect!

As you know, this is a mixed-topic blog which is so unlike most of my other blogs and websites.

The purpose of this introductory page (most website experts prefer the elimination of a Welcome Page altogether, which they say is useless) is to point out the navigation options of this site, which has recently been given a modern, streamlined theme as a base for its design.

The theme may be modern and streamlined, but concept design of Autumn Retrospect is still 70-ish though (artsy-leaning folks and old people LOVE the colours of the 70s…I’m both!). Autumn Retrospect features the colours of autumn: tangerine, orange, burnt yellow, brown and tan.

There are two groups of web pages in this site, the perennial Pages and the blog Posts.

To access Pages, click on the menu on the upper left hand corner of this site (the menu is undergoing an overhaul as of this writing) and the choices will be shown (later).

To access Posts, click on the upper right hand button of this site, view the Table of Contents below the Community feature (hey join us! It’s all about the pink button and pushing it!) and see the titles of the posts themselves.

This is one of those rare sites of mine where I actually write posts (haha). Most of my websites have pages (I just LUV pages).

Anyway, you now know how to get around a bewildering place like this (or maybe it’s solely I who am bewildered at the new-tech web-design features…I’m so used to 90s websites, that’s why) (hey…hold that thought now!…some were great!!!) that the streamlined versions of today are so bland to me…tbh.

Well, that’s my personal view.

This site participates in the essay challenges.



Again, Welcome!


I hope you’re feeling fine!



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